dimanche 2 octobre 2011


Yes, I must admit I am quite a spoiled kid.
Birthday coming up soon... and here is what I'm craving.


And these Urban Outfitters boots that are just perfect and understated in every way.

And this Vanessa Bruno Lune Nord Sud bag, that unfortunately I want but will not have, because my bff already has it....

Ok fair enough I didn't know it existed before she showed up with it but still.. Grump grump... Aaand it's out of my price range. Seriously, it's great not to have to be a teenager anymore, but I so want to be a grown up to get pretty things.

And well... my old MacBook Air is kind of giving up. I'm telling you, nowadays Apple only makes things to last 3 years max. When I run iChat and a browser at the same time it gets so confused and slow it makes me want to trash it. But I can't. Stupid sentimental value. And well can't afford to frankly ;)

Ok all jokes apart I'm not really that spoiled. Ok maybe a little bit. There's worse. But there's much much better ;)


PS: Sincere apologies for silly childish tone... Is the fact that I'm sick a good enough excuse?